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HollAIR has the skills and experience to install, maintain and repair your residential or commercial air conditioning in Adelaide.

The right heating and cooling solution can make all the difference to your home or business. With countless air conditioners on the market, it can be difficult to know where to start, who to trust and what’s right for you. That’s where HollAIR comes in.

HollAIR founder Rick Holliday has over 30 years of experience in the industry and works with only the best employees and contractors. We hire expert air conditioning technicians and engineers, not salespeople, so you can be sure you are getting the best service for your requirements.

HollAIR specialises in the full range of air conditioning services, including air conditioning installation, maintenance, and repairs. We fix what others won’t and do a good job every time – just ask our customers. Our customers stay with us for life. You won’t need to shop around for air conditioning service, installation or repairs ever again.

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Discover the Right Heating and Cooling Solution For You

At HollAIR, we want our customers to be happy with their new air conditioner, not overwhelmed by too many choices, or regretting a purchase decision. Our experienced installation team can help you find the perfect air conditioning solution to your needs.

We pride ourselves on our friendly service, working with quality brands, and making it easy to compare air conditioning systems. Whether you are looking for a reverse cycle ducted system or evaporative air conditioning, we can recommend a system you won’t be disappointed with.

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Residential Air Conditioning

A reliable and energy-efficient air conditioning unit suited to your home can have a significant impact on your lifestyle and comfort. There are a lot of options on the market, and it can be hard to make the right choice for both your family and your wallet. Don’t be hassled into a sale that will cost you more in the long run. We offer the best residential air conditioning in Adelaide and can install, maintain, and repair your air conditioning for life.

Our Air Conditioning Products

Ducted Reverse Cycle

Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning reverses the direction of airflow to heat the home in winter and cool it during summer. A ducted air conditioning system is energy-efficient, cost-effective, and easy to service. We offer ducted air conditioning systems that are flexible and budget-friendly so that you can enjoy comfort in Adelaide all year round.

Hi-Wall Split Inverter Systems

Hi-Wall split inverter systems are a compact, efficient and economical way to keep your space warm in winter and cool during summer. Hi-Wall split inverter systems are the perfect targeted heating and cooling solution for homeowners conscious about their electricity bills.

Evaporative Cooling Units

Well suited to South Australia’s dry summers, evaporative air conditioning requires less energy than traditional and reverse cycle air conditioners. If you are looking for a cooling solution that is sustainable and energy-efficient, then evaporative cooling may be the perfect option for you.

Multi-Split Systems

A multi-split system can offer the same level of comfort as traditional central air conditioning systems, but they do so more economically. Instead of cooling a whole house, a split system air conditioner cools individual rooms or zones. This makes a split system the ideal fit for a larger home.

VRF/VRV Systems

VRF/VRV Systems are the best choice for cooling large buildings, warehouses, factories, and other commercial buildings. VRF systems are a popular choice due to their reliability and cost savings. At HollAIR, we provide our clients with VRF/VRV solutions that can handle Adelaide’s most extreme weather conditions.

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Commercial Air Conditioning

We understand that your commercial property or facility’s air conditioning can make or break stakeholder relationships. Tenant complaints and unscheduled repairs can be costly to the bottom line and the reputations of tenant businesses, property managers, and owners.

HollAIR values the needs of all stakeholders and provides a quality service to improve the efficiency of your commercial air conditioning in Adelaide.

We pride ourselves on our quick response time and efficiency – we want to make sure that your air conditioning is always ready to go!

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Energy Smart

HollAIR is committed to sustainable heating and cooling installations that will keep your costs down. We work with trusted brands tried and tested for the Adelaide climate. An efficient air conditioner selected for your needs will keep you comfortable without breaking the bank.

Why Choose HollAIR

Finance Options

Would You Like Cleaner Air? Our New UV Installation Service Can Instantly Improve Your Indoor Air Quality.

Kill microorganisms that you can’t see in your air conditioning in Adelaide. At HollAIR, we know the health and comfort of the people that rely on you is essential. We want to help our customers protect the aged and vulnerable.

UVC is used extensively in medical and scientific contexts to kill or disrupt microorganisms. We can safely install UVC in your existing split-cycle or HVAC, and you can instantly enjoy improved indoor air quality.

Exceptional Air Quality in Your Own Home

Standard air conditioning provides vital circulation of indoor air and temperature control, but microscopic particles and organisms can fit through standard filters and multiply out of sight, contaminating internal surfaces. UVC installed safely inside your air conditioner can deactivate viruses, bacteria and mould before they can multiply in the naturally damp areas of your air conditioner. Improve your indoor air quality, virtually eliminate hidden mould and extend the life of your mini-split AC.

Perfect for Health, Medical and Aged Care Facilities

Your HVAC cycles the same air through your building many times an hour. Instantly reduce the volume of free-floating microorganisms present in your indoor air and multiplying on surfaces inside your HVAC. UVC can be safely installed by HollAIR in your existing air conditioning system and has been shown to virtually eliminate mould from all treated internal surfaces, saving you money on maintenance costs and improving the efficiency of your HVAC.

You won’t have to install a whole new system to get cleaner air. We can safely install UVC in your existing air conditioning in Adelaide. Get in touch now for pricing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend a professional service at least once a year. At HollAIR, we offer maintenance services that ensure your system is running smoothly year-round. We want you to have all the facts regarding your air conditioner so that you can make informed choices about its future.
We see a lot of air conditioners that haven’t been serviced in years, so the most common problems are related to general wear and tear. If you want to avoid costly breakdowns, make sure to get your air conditioner serviced and inspected at least once a year.
If your system is running efficiently, then the cost of heating or cooling is relatively low. Your energy consumption depends on factors like how often you use your system, your system’s maintenance and servicing history, which direction your window faces, the orientation of your property, and the size of your room or unit. Don’t worry though - at HollAIR, we can optimise your air conditioner's efficiency so that you can get the most out of your energy dollar.

Your priority should be to ensure that your air conditioner is running efficiently. A poorly maintained unit can be more than twice as energy-intensive to run, so getting your system serviced regularly is crucial.

On hot days, you can switch on your unit early in the morning to let it cool down your home before you leave for work. If the weather isn’t too hot, open windows at night to take advantage of needed airflow.

At HollAIR, we can audit the performance and cost of your air conditioning to ensure that it is optimised for Adelaide's climate. Whether you have ducted air conditioning or a VRF, get in touch with us today to make sure your system is functioning at its best.

The most important factors are energy efficiency, affordability, and comfort. Air conditioner performance is directly related to room size—the bigger your room, the more cooling it will require. We can help you decide which option is right for you based on our comprehensive assessment process. Get in touch now for a free quote!

Some background noise is to be expected with all air conditioners. If your air conditioner sounds louder than usual, don’t hesitate to give us a call, as it could be an indication that something isn’t quite right.

An air conditioner running inefficiently or stopping mid-cycle is usually a sign that maintenance is overdue. If you’re experiencing any issues, make sure to give HollAIR a call.

If an air conditioner is not working efficiently, the problem could be down to several different factors. Replacing your unit can cost thousands of dollars, so it’s worth having a HollAIR technician visit before you make any major decisions. We can quickly and accurately diagnose problems and help you determine if replacement, servicing, or repair is best for you.

Air conditioning can help with allergies by removing pollen particles from the room - but if you notice that your symptoms are worse, then there could be something else going on! Get in touch with HollAIR and we’ll figure out what is causing your discomfort.

Yes of course - combining fans with your system can make cooling rooms more efficient.

"Reverse cycle" means that an air conditioner can either heat or cool by reversing the refrigeration cycle. Ducted reverse cycle air conditioners are cheaper to run than heating systems, so if you want to minimise costs of living, it’s worth considering reverse cycle systems as an option. If you are curious about how a ducted reverse cycle system could benefit your home, don't hesitate to get in touch.

A split system is an indoor and outdoor air conditioning device that is connected with refrigeration pipework. Split systems can be used for heating, cooling, or both - depending on what you need them to do! Because of their ease of use, reliability, and versatility, split systems are the most common type of air conditioning found in Adelaide homes.

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Finn Sievwright

Had one of their staff members come and replace a part of our air conditioner which was in warranty.  Very ...

John Dunnery

Great service from Rick and the team at HollAIR. They went out of their way to ensure a tight time ...

Gardiner Cameron-Hill

Very professional operation. The guys at HollAIR do a great job every time!

Justin Adams

HollAIR upgraded a old ducted system to a new Daikin system. The service received from Chris McCauley and Ajith Kuriakose ...